The East of the Algarve is an area where there are miles of golden sandy beaches, we are bordering on to Spain, only Guadiana River is between us.

24 Horas Serve will provide you quality of services in the East of the Algarve, of property management and different services.

24 Horas Serve understands that different buildings have different needs.

Base plan
Works as managers of the building as the Portuguese law demands;

24Serve plan

Acts as the manager of your property or, the building is managed by another person that uses our knowledge, expertise and help. And everything is supervised by us;

Plan house alive
If you have a house, an apartment or a villa just for your holidays and you are looking for someone to take care of it, give  24 HORAS SERVE the job: we will do it for you.

Plan holidays / holidays
Dedicated to luxury communities, 24 HORAS SERVE has a plan similar to 24Serve plan, with extras services like permanent workers in the building doing maintenance or, for instance, delivering your favourite newspaper or bread at the requested hour.

Others services
Laundry, electricity, plumbing, baby sitting, shopping and delivering, flowers, swimming pool.


24 Horas Serve invites you to fulfil all the fields below, to allow our estimate to be the best possible.




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